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erin c“My life was at a serious crossroads when I came to Charlene. I was contemplating leaving behind my business and starting a brand new business. Also, my husband and I were deciding if it would be the ideal time to start a family or if we should wait. I was full of questions and anxiety so I booked a session with Charlene.

Wow! Did those Angels speak to me, or what?! So much information came pouring out of Charlene, about things she couldn’t have known about beforehand. She definitely has a direct line to these Angels as they were giving her all the signs that had been showing up in my life too!

I left feeling so excited and confident in what my future holds and how to move forward. Better yet, I was able to make decisions without any anxiety or worry over if they were the right decisions or not. Now, I’m on an accelerated path to expanding my new business (which is already thriving!) and my husband and I are planning for a baby. I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you Charlene for your insights, guidance and that incredible communication with the Angels!”

~Erin Chumas~*

The Castle Group | Los Angeles, CA