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To create a beautiful life + space, it’s best to start with some decluttering. Together let’s clear the chaos, and get infused with confidence!

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Hey Gals! I’m Charlene Marie, Chief Whimsy + Beauty Charmer of

Born + raised in Virginia {with the shortest stint ever in NYC}, I’ve been a California Girl since 2006.

It was here in Los Angeles where I learned that LIFE IS MORE THAN “MUNDANE” and more than working the 9-to-5.

As “woo-woo” as it sounds, I have a psychic to thank {who found me outside CVS} for steering me towards a happier life!

“Your Spirit Guide is screaming at me to tell you something!” she said. Color me curious… But I wasn’t about to head over into a dark area for her to do a free half-reading on me.

Instead, I talked to someone I trusted who was into “that stuff.”  And… I was into it, too, but just didn’t have the knowledge.

My State-of-Being at the time was {and tell me if it sounds familiar} this:

  • Everyday was just OKAY. The world wasn’t working with me, and I was constantly getting overlooked.
  • No matter where I turned, no matter what new job I would take, I kept hitting a brick wall and running into the SAME obstacles.
  • I was good at my job, but wasn’t in love with it.
  • About 50% or more of my life was spent complaining, crying, in worry and/or stress.

After talking with my friend who GOT the spiritual stuff {aaaand started working with her as my coach}, here’s what followed:



  • Left my video post production career to start anew as an ESTHETICIAN to pamper clients + make their skin radiant!

  • Met New Kids on the Block {yep! Childhood Dream come true!!!}


  • Opened my own business.

  • Got engaged!!!


  • Got married at Disneyland Hotel to my Happily Ever After Hubby! 😀





  • Moved to a bigger home in walking distance to shops, restaurants, and movies!





  • CERTIFIED ADVANCED ANGEL CARD READER by Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine


  • Hired by a top day spa in L.A., working JUST 3 days/week! :)


2015 {Happy Creative Soul!!!}

  • Started Diploma Program in Organic Cosmetic Formulation School

  • Became an Origami Owl Independent Designer

  • Began Planner Decorating… the journey begins!



In this time, I have learned…

Beauty is MUCH more than treating your skin topically {as much as I love treating skin!}.

It is SO MUCH MORE than connecting with your Inner Goddess {and yes, I do love doing this, too!}.

But where you FIND Beauty in your everyday life.

Not finding it? CREATE IT!!!

It is in noticing the beauty around you, creating the beauty around you, that you find your story, your passion.

And oh, you should be living a life of passion, girl.

From time to time we all get stuck; I know. And this is why I’m here…

Choose your own adventure ~ life, career, or perhaps it is just beautiful, glowing skin!

I’m here for you, as your Beauty Charmer (or “random psychic” — i.e. energy healer/reader), to help + guide you to your creative, passionate, beautiful life!


with love + charm,



love from clients…

shala m

“This is a very personal and in depth adventure. I find myself looking forward to each session, and I take this guidance seriously because I know that I want to better myself.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning to what they feel is going on, but don’t really know how to put their finger on it.”

~ Shala Mishawn~*  | Henderson, NV


erin c

“My life was at a serious crossroads when I came to Charlene. I was contemplating leaving behind my business and starting a brand new business. Also, my husband and I were deciding if it would be the ideal time to start a family or if we should wait. I was full of questions and anxiety so I booked a session with Charlene.

Wow! Did those Angels speak to me, or what?! So much information came pouring out of Charlene, about things she couldn’t have known about beforehand. She definitely has a direct line to these Angels as they were giving her all the signs that had been showing up in my life too!

I left feeling so excited and confident in what my future holds and how to move forward. Better yet, I was able to make decisions without any anxiety or worry over if they were the right decisions or not. Now, I’m on an accelerated path to expanding my new business (which is already thriving!) and my husband and I are planning for a baby. I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you Charlene for your insights, guidance and that incredible communication with the Angels!”

~Erin Chumas~* | The Castle Group | Los Angeles, CA


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Mass Communications, B.A. – Virginia Tech
Film & TV, M.A. – The American University
California Licensed Esthetician
Holistic Life Coaching
Book of Life Specialist (by Deborah King)
Certified Angel Card Reader™ (by Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine)
Certified Realm Reader
Reiki II
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor
Advanced ThetaHealing®
Certified doTERRA Consultant
Certified AromaTouch Technician