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How I Beat the Flu in 4 Days with No Meds / Doc!


IMG_5328I saw the sign*… did you?

*permission to break into Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign.”

Now that we’ve officially entered November, at every corner you can’t miss signs screaming “Get Your Flu Shots Here!!!”

…A more appropriate title would be: “Shot + Shop!”

I admit it: I never do it.

Part of it is because I don’t feel like it. Personally, getting the flu generally only happens when I travel and someone decides to sneeze their snot all over me.

Even if I had gotten the vaccine, I know plenty of people who STILL wind up with the flu after “being good” and receiving the shot.

I’m not a doctor, but you can read up here on why that is.

Thanks for your germs, lady.

Earlier this year, I was hit twice with the flu (the second time was totally in an off-season, and yep ~ I was traveling and someone sneezed snot on me). I recovered within 4 days or less without seeing a doctor nor taking any over-the-counter meds! 

So, how did I manage?

Did I simply suffer through the body aches, stuffy nose, relentless mucous-filled coughs and – yes – snot-sneezing? Not quite…

Per usual, I took the first couple of days simply being (i.e. “being sick”) and only moving away from the couch when I had to. <~ Not recommending this; this is just me needing an excuse to not move. :)

By the second day of having a 100-something fever, I took action.

Thanks to my collection of doTERRA products, energy healing work, and a recent go of a 2-week raw food cleanse, I was more aware of what my body needed — besides rest! ;D


The top right corner pic was taken the 1st day after my fever broke. :)

5 Natural Ways to Get You Out of Sickie Central:

Coconut Water = a great alternative to Gatorade to replenish, rehydrate, and get electrolytes without the highly processed sugars!
Green Juices (and smoothies) for antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatories. For an extra kick to the cold/flu bug, add 1-2 cloves of garlic!
doTERRA Lifelong Vitality (LLV) supplements + Oils for the doTERRA Cold + Flu Bomb concoction. It’s the bomb at killing viruses!!!
Peppermint oil on my feet to bring my fever down, On Guard blend on my feet + spine to kill the virus, and peppermint + Breathe blend to open up my sinuses.
2 Cloves of Garlic (you’re fine with just 1 if that’s all you can handle), and eat it raw with raw honey. I was serious about getting rid of this bug!

click here for a bonus tip...

One thing I’ve noticed is that each time I’m hit with a bug, I’ve stopped taking my daily doTERRA LLV. When I was younger and taking Flintstone mulitvitamins (ahh memories!), I’d get sick whether I took them or not. DoTERRA’s LLV pack really does keep the sickies away!

Final case in point — my husband was sick about a month ago. He’s one who’s rarely ever sick, and I would catch anything he had. This time, I made sure I was taking my LLV and guess what… it never touched me! Yeah, I felt like Superwoman… 😉

Of course, what you decide to consume is totally up to you, and this post should be taken as purely informational, not as official medical advice. For more info and disclaimer, go here.

Have you tried alternative solutions — or home remedies — to beat the cold or flu? Tell us about it in the community comments below! The more resources we have, the better!

Stay healthy this season!

With love + charm,

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