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bird~Relax + Reiki Retreat~*


Need a luxurious, healing getaway in comforts of your own home?

Yeah, you do!

This is the ULTIMATE healing + connection with your angels. And I will be there (energetically – not physically :)) to facilitate.


How do you know if you need energy healing?

In all honesty, it can be done at any point in time; even when you’re feeling spectacular!

But generally, this is often when I see people come in and when I personally find myself needing a session:

  • Feeling anxious – nervous – stressed
  • Your Life / Path seems “off” somehow
  • That “thing” you crave for your life is always “just out of reach”

We are all energetic beings, and our souls extend beyond our physical bodies. Imprints – from this life and past – are made in our energetic cells that propel us forward or hold us back. Sometimes these imprints cause dis-ease in our physical bodies.

An energy healing can bring you more ease, happiness, clarity and confidence.


 bird hearts

The Relax + Reiki Experience

Day 1:

  • Our Prep call {via phone or Skype}. You and I will get on a 20-min. call, and I’ll go over what will be happening over the next two days and answer any of your questions.
  • We’ll also start the healing party early with a mini-angel reading; You can meditate on the card pulled for you, and this will settle your vibration into a weekend of healing and clarity!

Day 2:

  • Your chakras + energy blocks — which may be creating your current challenges — are cleared.
  • A specialized energy healing combining Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy®, and/or ThetaHealing as I’m intuitively guided for you. Divine white light + unconditional love will be asked to fill your energetic being in order for you to be back and moving on your path.
  • A PDF transcript of intuitive messages received during your healing.

Day 3:

  • Intuitive Angel Reading (and then some!). A spread of cards will be pulled to look at your Recent Past or your Strength, your Current Situation and/or Challenge, and your Possible Outcome and Call to Action.
  • A dose of personal coaching tip(s) from moi to get you through your hurdle(s)!
  • A PDF with a transcript of your angel messages + intuitive hits I receive, plus… The beautiful oracle images specifically drawn for you; Excellent to meditate on + soak in your message.

The Retreat Process

So, first of all, it doesn’t have to be a weekend. If your free days are Tuesday + Wednesday, that’s when your Relax + Reiki Retreat will take place. :)

Energy goes where attention flows. In other words, I may do your energy healing + reading during a separate day + time that you take the time to retreat. Your healing will be received when you take your retreat.

It’s fantastic and most beneficial if you’re able to take 1-and-1/2 to 2 days of quiet time. In your own home or perhaps away at a beautiful resort. Find the space to meditate, take a luxurious bath, journal, and spoil your soul.

What Can You Expect?

IET ArielIn every healing session, you will be placed in a safe, loving space so that your soul will feel free to release energetic blocks preventing from creating the life you envision.

Your healing takes place in co-creation with your higher self, your guides, your angels, and the Divine; I am merely the channel. The session will lift you to a higher vibration and more inline with your Divine self.

You don’t have to be sick to receive an energy healing. A healing is also great for working through fears, to manifest love, joy, abundance in your life, or simply to feel at peace.


Sound heavenly? Let’s do this thing!!!

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Please Note:

  • Reiki, IET®, and ThetaHealing® are not religions, nor do they require you to have a belief in any particular God.

  • Reiki, IET®, and ThetaHealing® are not to replace professional medical advice. Charlene is not a medical doctor, nor claims to be.