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December Reading: Will You Brave the Fight?


December Angel ReadingHappy December, love charms!

I’ll be honest. Last month draaagged for me! I absolutely appreciated the time of year as the holiday season picked up, but talk about feeling an energetic slow-down!

A little note on Char-isms: I’m usually one who’s diving into a new course, sprucing up the website, or planning the next amazing offering for you.

For some reason, the most energy I could muster (with joy!) was doing the bare minimum ~ creating articles for you + working with my clients.

November was my renewal month.

But here we are in December, and even though the holidays may put a halt to new plans, I’m pretty excited as to what’s to come, and I hope you will be too! This reading feels right (not that the others didn’t 😉 ); it flows with the season.

Question is…

Will you be able to embrace this or not? Some may find it a little scary…


Ready to Claim Your Spotlight?

IMG_5484 photo 5

Beginning of December: King of Air & Making New Friends

In the King of Air card, it looks like you will be stepping up into some sort of leadership role. Others will be looking to you for answers. Be brave and speak your truth — and remember, loving-ness in your message will attract your listeners over harshness. They’ll be ready to follow as you lead the way!

If you are not the one to be leading at this moment, a leader will be entering your life just as you are looking for answers. S/he will be one you can trust and respect.

Did you Make New Friends last November as our angels guided us to? or did you miss out on the opportunity? Personally, I missed out… If you were like me, you have another go at it!

And perhaps with all this personal and/or business socializing (especially with holiday parties in our midst!), Making New Friends is bound to happen! These new friends will lift you up and guide you on your path for your best + highest good. Embrace this and pay attention to what you can learn from them.

What are You Giving?

IMG_5485 photo 1

Mid-December: King of Water & Creative Expression

The King of Water may be you or someone who will be coming into your life. You or this other person is/are a strong emotional figure ~ full of love and compassion.

S/he is the rock (or you’re your own rock; you feel steady) in the emotional flow going on around you as we start to approach the holiday season.

Are you feeling the need to give? The holidays seem to boost the charitable side in most of us. You may be getting involved with a charity somehow… Or perhaps you’ll simply be reaching out to your own friends and family to support them in whatever they need.

Remember to support your own creative expression, as well — whether it’s taking personal time to work creatively ~ singing, painting, or writing. This will be the best way for you to relax and release stress before it has a chance to build up and explode.

You may want to consider creating/making your own gifts this holiday season. Friends and family will love the personal touch that is straight from your heart. :)

Can You Be Ready for Both Action + Zzzz’s?

IMG_5486 photo 1

End of December: Knight of Fire & Quiet Time

With the closing of 2013 upon us, it’s no surprise that you’re ready to take action in the new year! I feel like this card is more about you, than someone in your life with these qualities.

As anxious as you might be to move forward with your new year plans, make sure to connect to the King of Air figure that was present at the beginning of the month. Be wise and think things through. Look before you leap!

Take the time to spend some quiet time alone. Use it to meditate and reflect. Listen to any advice coming through from The Universe and your guides.

Yes, you CAN take action and rest…and still make progress! It’s all about balance.

Treat yourself kindly.

Keep Me in the Loop!

Talk to me in the comments below and tell me how this reading resonates with you.

Should you want your very own, personalized Angel Guidance Reading, email me at or book it online. Also, personalized 2014 Angel Forecasts are available under Holiday Giving!

Thanks so much for reading ~ Have a BEAUTIFUL December!


With love + charm,

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Oracle cards used for this reading:  Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot and Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies.



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4 Comments on December Reading: Will You Brave the Fight?

  1. Erin Chumas
    December 8, 2013 at 8:08 pm (6 years ago)

    I love your Charisms! I am very ready for everything in this wonderful forecast. I’m excited for new friends, leadership opportunities and to have some quiet time toward the end of the month in the mountains. Thanks for the lovely reading! ❤️

    • Charlene Marie
      December 8, 2013 at 8:25 pm (6 years ago)

      Ooh! How exciting that you’ll be spending time in the beautiful mountain energy + nature ~ Hope you see some snow! Thank you so much reading, Erin. xo

  2. TalesofOrdinaryMagic
    December 9, 2013 at 8:36 am (6 years ago)

    I was also feeling that sluggish energy you were moving through but amped up my creativity as the card said and felt things shift. I love how validating card readings are! Thanks for this!

    • Charlene Marie
      December 9, 2013 at 3:35 pm (6 years ago)

      You’re welcome, Emily! Yes ~ I find that no matter how many times I do readings, I’m always in awe at how the messages point so perfectly with what’s going on in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!


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