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Concentrate and Ask Again


Have you been feeling like we’ve been talking to a Magic 8 ball and getting the same frickin’ answer every week?

Yeah, I hear ya… But even though we may have been dealing with the same (or similar) issue week after week, it seems we needed the extra guidance + support to know we are not alone in the craziness October brought.

And just when you thought you could escape the madness… The footsteps start getting louder + closer… You run, but you can’t seem to run fast enough… It’s behind you and finally engulfs + paralyzes your whole being… You can’t escape…

Mercury in Retrograde! Dun dun duuuun!!!

mercury in retro 10 23 13 blogThis week’s reading eerily lines up with the effects of Mercury in Retro (ending November 10th)… THIS is why I do this stuff! The accuracy The Universe brings hardly ever fails. :)

So, what HORROR can you expect? (more…)

Stop Going in Circles, Love!


Welcome to another Witch’s Tarot and Enchanted Map reading!

Another challenging one — Hang in there! We’re still working with everything that happened last week.

This week’s cards bring the Queen of Wands reversed and Dragon’s Lair reversed.

witch tarot 10-16-13

“Am I Doomed??? What Do All These Reversed Cards Mean?”

No, you’re not doomed, dearie (Is that Mr. Gold speaking?). Yep, we have more reversed cards. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… With Mercury in Retrograde coming in just a few short days (October 21st!), it’s no wonder!

The Queen of Wands reversed represents a woman in your life who may not be all that she seems. (more…)

Don’t Get Tricked!


CharleneMarie Be-good-to-your-soulWhat up, Soul Charmers?

Rocky or not, I’m riding October’s Autumn winds with GUSTO!  The highs have been high. The lows have been low.

One high: What better way to start the month than with a new logo by the amazing Annie Rugyt?!? I’m super excited + IN LOVE with my beautiful Disney-esque Mystic Girl!

And no, it’s not just a Halloween-thing…this is FOREVER! — or until I get bored and want something new. ;D

The TRICKS (i.e. the lows): The fear of LACK creeping in!

So, Let’s Bring in the White Witches + Good Spirits!

For a little extra Halloween fun — for the rest of month, our articles will feature readings based off of Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot deck. HOORAH!!!

Today, I’m complementing the one-card reading with one card pulled from Collette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map.

bird hearts

No More Tricks ~ Just Treats, Please!

In October’s Monthly Reading, we saw that this month could potentially be a bit rocky for a lot of us. Today’s reading reflects an inner-anxiety.

Note that our angels + guides were also showing me that this is dealing with home and/or family issues.