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To Boston, With Love…


Monday, April 15th, was undoubtedly a mournful day for our country, and I grieved along with everyone.

Every attack that has occurred in the past 12 years has been a shock and incredibly sad, and not to negate any of them, but there are the few that truly hit home for me.

  • 9/11 ~ I was working in Georgetown when the Pentagon was hit, and I was also dating someone who lived in NYC.
  • The D.C. Sniper, which happened a year later ~ living your life in fear — not knowing where the sniper might be as you and your loved ones were going about your days to and from work and errands…
  • Virginia Tech shooting April 16, 2006 ~ I’m a Virginia Tech alum and always considered it my “safe haven.” That attack was unbelievably surreal.
  • And now Boston…
photos taken July 2010 - Boston

photos taken July 2010 – Boston

One post after another, I finally wrote this note on Facebook, along with a few photos:

While I may not voice it a lot, Boston holds a strong, strong connection with me. My parents met there, lived there, and I spent life in my mother’s womb for 8 months there. We spent summer weeks around Massachusetts visiting family while I was growing up, and I swore I would live in Mass. one day (along with NYC, LA, and DC ~ 3 outta 4 ain’t bad! ;-)). My heart breaks for the tragedy there today and I send love, light, and prayers for my unofficial hometown. ♥ xoxo (photos from 2010)


Mondays have been my days to get a bulk of my writing and refining done for my blogs. So, I do apologize for the delay. However, during that time, I felt guided to do an angel reading for all of us. With candle lit, prayers lifted, and a Celtic Card Spread laid out, here’s the message from that reading: (more…)

Living Your Life with Purpose


IMG_3962In the moment that I write this, I have my own spiritual retreat! I’m sitting on our living room couch, screen door wide open, listening to my fairy wind-chimes sing as the winds rush by. Windy conditions are rare in Burbank, and I’m soaking up each glorious second!

Gorgeous souls I’ve encountered have described me as “peaceful” and “zen.” Up until 7 years ago, the closest description I would have gotten would’ve been “nice” or “quiet,” and while that’s just fine and dandy, they’re not quite the same as “peaceful” or “zen,” are they? :)

Before living with purpose – in my true authenticity, I may not have always expressed it (except to close loved-ones), but my world was full of CHAOS, ups and downs: fun and exploration hopping from one city to the next, love, stress, worry, getting annoyed/depressed/seriously pissed off at the tiny details gone wrong, wondering what was going to hit me next… Sound familiar?

Life – especially today – can be chaotic! There are so many distractions surrounding us, and if we don’t take that time for self-care, recognizing the good within and in front of us right now, or simply listening to our inner guidance, those distractions can take over our lives and how we are meant to live in complete authenticity.

Choosing “Zen” Over “Chaos” (more…)

Take a look at April’s Angel Reading!


I’m so excited for you! Welcome to the first Monthly Angel Card Reading on If this is your first reading via blog, keep in mind that interpretations could vary from reader to reader. Take what pertains to you. For some, this may be hitting the nail on the head. :)

The Deets…

With each reading, I do ask to be protected and ask the angels and all of our spirit guides to be around us. The cards are blessed and I ask what you need to know most this month for your best and highest good. Three cards are pulled: the first for the early part of the month, the second for mid-month, and the third for the end of the month.

In picking out a deck to use, I thought I’d start “easy” on you guys and not pull out any of my “too out there” cards. This is from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy deck…and what do you know? The cards that came up could be considered by some to be “out there.” But you know what? I guess you guys can handle it! And I LOVE that!!! xoxo

ya ready?

Jumpin’ Jiminy! (more…)

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