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December Reading: Will You Brave the Fight?


December Angel ReadingHappy December, love charms!

I’ll be honest. Last month draaagged for me! I absolutely appreciated the time of year as the holiday season picked up, but talk about feeling an energetic slow-down!

A little note on Char-isms: I’m usually one who’s diving into a new course, sprucing up the website, or planning the next amazing offering for you.

For some reason, the most energy I could muster (with joy!) was doing the bare minimum ~ creating articles for you + working with my clients.

November was my renewal month.

But here we are in December, and even though the holidays may put a halt to new plans, I’m pretty excited as to what’s to come, and I hope you will be too! This reading feels right (not that the others didn’t 😉 ); it flows with the season.

Question is…

Will you be able to embrace this or not? Some may find it a little scary…


I Got a Gripe This Thanksgiving, Ya’ll…


photo 1In the midst of my holiday happiness, I have a teeny gripe…

As I scroll through my Facebook news feed these days, it looks a little something like:

“Day 7 of 21 Days of Gratitude: I am thankful for blah blah blah blah blah…”


While I think it’s GREAT that my friends are taking time to acknowledge what they’re thankful for, it comes across as a FAD — a New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t stick.

[insert insults: “fakers! posers!” …kidding. I would never say that to/about my friends. :)]

What if we brought in thankfulness everyday of our lives and didn’t feel the need to broadcast it on social media like it was some 21-day diet?

So, what are 5 Easy Ways to Make Gratitude a Regular (even daily) Practice?  (more…)

How I Beat the Flu in 4 Days with No Meds / Doc!


IMG_5328I saw the sign*… did you?

*permission to break into Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign.”

Now that we’ve officially entered November, at every corner you can’t miss signs screaming “Get Your Flu Shots Here!!!”

…A more appropriate title would be: “Shot + Shop!”

I admit it: I never do it.

Part of it is because I don’t feel like it. Personally, getting the flu generally only happens when I travel and someone decides to sneeze their snot all over me.

Even if I had gotten the vaccine, I know plenty of people who STILL wind up with the flu after “being good” and receiving the shot.

I’m not a doctor, but you can read up here on why that is.

Thanks for your germs, lady.

Earlier this year, I was hit twice with the flu (the second time was totally in an off-season, and yep ~ I was traveling and someone sneezed snot on me). I recovered within 4 days or less without seeing a doctor nor taking any over-the-counter meds!  (more…)

{ November Reading } Let Go of the Candy, Ma’am…


November Reading CandlesHappy November, Charm bugs!

With my newest addition of Your Personal Welcome video (see the side bar! :D), I decided to do our monthly reading this month via video! Now you have a voice behind the cards. ;D

Oh, October with your Evil / Delightful Candy!

October pounded us with uncomfortable-ness and learning to set + keep boundaries for ourselves. At least there was CANDY at the end! ;D

Unfortunately, we need to get RID of the candy (and eating it all probably isn’t the best idea, right?). Metaphorically speaking, this is a good thing!

November looks like it will bring more change, growth and awareness to our personal life and career. Yes, that’s all very exciting! BUT we also need to be aware that these changes will call for massive ACTION on our part!

After you watch the video, check out the extra info below for information I received when the camera was off.


Concentrate and Ask Again


Have you been feeling like we’ve been talking to a Magic 8 ball and getting the same frickin’ answer every week?

Yeah, I hear ya… But even though we may have been dealing with the same (or similar) issue week after week, it seems we needed the extra guidance + support to know we are not alone in the craziness October brought.

And just when you thought you could escape the madness… The footsteps start getting louder + closer… You run, but you can’t seem to run fast enough… It’s behind you and finally engulfs + paralyzes your whole being… You can’t escape…

Mercury in Retrograde! Dun dun duuuun!!!

mercury in retro 10 23 13 blogThis week’s reading eerily lines up with the effects of Mercury in Retro (ending November 10th)… THIS is why I do this stuff! The accuracy The Universe brings hardly ever fails. :)

So, what HORROR can you expect? (more…)

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