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Ask the Angels: Jobless Challenges


photo(9)Hey Lovely Charmers!

Oh my gosh ~ I’m SO EXCITED!!! Today is our first ever Ask the Angels {heads up, this title could be changing to something even radder ~ lol}!

Not only will we connect with our angels, spirit guides, and inner wise woman, but I’ll also hit ya with a side of intuitive coaching. 😉

Our first question comes from “Tired of My Job Being a Job-Huntress.” She writes:

I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile but am becoming frustrated with how long it is taking me. I would like to be guided to find a ‘survivor’ job that is somewhere I enjoy being and which can tie into what I am trying to do on the side. I want clarity in the best way to look and the confidence it might take to promote myself.”

Guh. I feel ya! :( And I think A LOT of us can relate to the pains of job hunting. It can take us to the point of desperation.

Remember, one of the secrets to attracting the right job to you is not to (more…)

August Reading ~ Play for Your Desires?


PLAY(1)Hello Gorgeous Angels!

Wooo!!! I’m so thrilled to bring back our monthly readings! If you’re on The Soulcial Beauty email list, you know August is bringing about many exciting changes here at

One of those changes is: a Card of the Month ~ one theme, one card our angels + guides want us to focus on for a beautiful month!

August is a weird month, isn’t it?… For those students, teachers, or parents of students, it’s only a matter of weeks before school starts up again! You may find yourself torn between “getting serious” again and trying to take advantage of your remaining days of freedom.

And for the rest of us… well, we’re caught in what seems like an endless summer.

In the last of these sweltering weeks, the angelic + fairy realms {this card was pulled from the Healing with the Fairies deck} want us to (more…)

Spotted: Charlene Breaking Down + Being Real {Stepping Into Your Power}


Hey Lovely Ladies!Blog May 1 Spotted

After a few months of being M.I.A., I’m BACK!!!  I MISSED YOU!!!!

So, who took me hostage?

The Man. …a.k.a. a day {spa} job.  and… “Gossip Girl” on Netflix. 😉

(hence, the blog title and new Blair Waldorf headband pictured on the right)

In the short time I’ve been at the day spa, The Universe has kicked it up a notch + kicked me in the butt to step up my game.

I’m still gob-smacked at what happened. A lesson I share with you in Stepping Into Your Power…and putting on your fabulous Big Girl Britches Outfits!


January Reading: Are You on the Right Path for 2014?


Happy New Year, love charms!

I hope your holidays were absolutely magical! After a nice two-week hiatus, I’m happy to be back and start this year anew with you!

Monthly Reading Remix!

Okay, I’m changin’ it up this month, charmers! Instead of doing a “beginning to mid-month to end” reading, we’ll be looking at our overall month + examining what is most important for us to focus on.

So, angels + guides, what do we need to pay attention to this month?

january reading trio

It’s only fitting the angels send us a New Year’s message…

Many of us make New Year Resolutions; Some of us simply have high, inspirational hopes to put us on the right path for the new year.

But what will you do if you fall flat on your face?  #NewYearsGoalFAIL!!!  \:-/  (more…)

Okay, I Admit It! Will You?


 new blog photo dec 11

I have a confession (or two). And perhaps…just perhaps you may be with me.

Confession #1. As much as you’ve seen me proclaim how I loooove this time of year… there’s also one aspect I dread.

Nope, not commercialism… no, it’s not family (my family rocks!)…

It’s (more…)

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