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Ask the Angels: Jobless Challenges


photo(9)Hey Lovely Charmers!

Oh my gosh ~ I’m SO EXCITED!!! Today is our first ever Ask the Angels {heads up, this title could be changing to something even radder ~ lol}!

Not only will we connect with our angels, spirit guides, and inner wise woman, but I’ll also hit ya with a side of intuitive coaching. 😉

Our first question comes from “Tired of My Job Being a Job-Huntress.” She writes:

I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile but am becoming frustrated with how long it is taking me. I would like to be guided to find a ‘survivor’ job that is somewhere I enjoy being and which can tie into what I am trying to do on the side. I want clarity in the best way to look and the confidence it might take to promote myself.”

Guh. I feel ya! :( And I think A LOT of us can relate to the pains of job hunting. It can take us to the point of desperation.

Remember, one of the secrets to attracting the right job to you is not to squeeze too tight after you’ve put in your request to The Universe. Rather, put your vision out there, feel it {as though it’s already happened} and let it go.

Thank the angels for bringing you the job that is for your best and highest good.

Move on with your day. Notice what around you makes you happy in the here and NOW.

Cuz The Universe is going to keep bringing you what makes you feel happy, lovely.

On to the reading!!! 😀


Card #1: Your Strength and/or Situation

Creative Expression

photo 1

Creativity seems to be your game! Are you searching for a job that fulfills your creative expression???

The multitude of butterflies in this image suggests TONS of transformation and growth!

Don’t be afraid to jump at the chance for a job that will creatively challenge you.

USE your creativity as your backbone!

Your creative expression IS your confidence + gives you all the bragging rights to potential employers!


Card #2: Your Inner-World / Your Challenge


photo 2

Wow. I can totally relate.

Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Not wanting to be tied down to any job or working for someone else?

That fear of committing yourself to another job — no matter how temporary — is the energy block The Universe is reading. And because of that, it says “Nope. She doesn’t want a commitment. Can’t send that employer her way!”

Let’s clear this!

Take a deep breath, and surround the idea of job commitment with tons of love.

Envision your employer absolutely loving you and your work. Envision you loving your employer, your co-workers, your work environment.

It’s a work place you’re more than happy to go to on a consistent basis… and commitment? It’s a non-issue.

If you need to leave to pursue other dreams in the future, your employer understands. They’re sad to see you go, but you’re completely supported.

If you look at this card, one hand is reaching out, the other takes that hand. It’s a mutual partnership, surrounded by love {the hearts}, and guidance {golden light of Archangel Uriel}… Plus, I see a bit of rainbow there, which signifies reaching your pot of gold! ;D


birdWhat Do You Think?

I know Job Huntress is not the only one frustrated by today’s job search.

My intentions in doing these free mini readings is so that it may reach others who face the same or similar concerns.

How does this reading affect you?

Let’s chat! Tell me about it in the comments below.  Do you have any tips or insight for Job Huntress? Let’s hear it!

Thank you so much for reading! And if you have a question for the Angels, fill out the form below with the subject “Ask the Angels.”

Or if you’d like to dive deep into what your guides have to say about your own situation, click on the “schedule now” button for your exclusive full angel guidance reading. xo

Till next time, angels… :)


With love + charm,



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