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bird What is an Angel Reading?

Simplest explanation: Are you familiar with tarot readings? It’s like that, except every card contains beautiful images with loving messages.

For every reading, I connect with both higher plane and earth plane — asking our angels, your spirit guides, your higher-self, the 4 elements {water, air, fire, + earth}, and the Divine to be with us.

I then ask your question or ask for what you most need in this moment and pull the cards in which I’m intuitively guided.

All readings are emailed. There’s no need to schedule an appointment. :)

{Special Offer} Holiday Healings

It’s that time of year where the veil is getting thinner and the holidays are upon us. This is my favorite time of year as the months of October, November, and December remind me of family get togethers, warmth, and overall coziness!

The Divine steps in to show us unconditional love and our loved ones who have passed over {presence felt or not} are able to come in and celebrate these joyous times with us.

So, this is a time that I would love to extend a Holiday Healing out to you to receive the message(s) your angels, loved ones, and spirit guide team want you to hear most at this time.

Intuitive Angel Reading

angel empowerment What You Get:

  • A 3-card reading indicating either your Recent Past or Strength, your Situation and/or Inner-Challenge, and your Possible Future Outcome / Inspired Action card.
  • A Reiki-Integrated Energy Therapy® Empowerment Healing. Your chakras + energy blocks are cleared, which may be creating your current challenges. Divine white light + unconditional love will be asked to fill your energetic being in order back and moving on your path.
  • Every reading comes with a dose of personal coaching tip(s) from moi to get you through your hurdle!
  • A digital audio recording of your reading to keep and review to your liking.

 This Reading is Perfect For You If:

  • You have one question or one scenario you’d like more info on. You have one general situation you’d like to know how to handle or how it might turn out.
  • You’re new to readings — maybe you’ve read my angel readings on — and you wanna dip your feet in to try it out for yourself.
  • You just wanna know what message your angels + guides have for you in this exact moment.
  • You need an energetic “tune-up.”


*might I suggest considering to upgrade to receiving a PDF transcript, which includes beautiful images of every card pulled for your reading. Customers have loved using this to review and meditate on the artwork of the cards.


Remember, this is good for ONE question/scenario/situation. Have multiple q’s? Purchase as many Angel Light Readings as you have questions OR check out Angel Full Reading!